Wednesday, January 2, 2019

How to add moving text to blogger blog | Text Animation

Add Moving Text to Blogger Blog:  Today, I am going to tell you how to add moving text or text animation to blogger blog. I saw people search about text maker and moving text generator so I suggest you (if you also that) to don’t search like this because generators give you a copyright material or not proper material which you want. Now you will think what should I do?. It' not a issue you can add text animation CSS to blog yourself. Let's Get Started.
How to add moving text to blogger blog | Text Animation
How to Add Moving Text to Blogger Blog | Text Animation
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Text Animation CSS:

Moving text is not necessary for your blog. It's not a part of SEO or even not effects on adsence approval. But it gives your blog a style that visitors love. Follow the steps below for adding moving text to blog.

1. Login to your blogger account and click on Layout.

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2. Now click on add a Gadget where you want to add a moving text on blog and select HTML/JavaScript.

text animation css

3. Now copy the code  <marquee>Your Text<marquee> and paste on HTML/JavaScript Gadget.
NOTE: Replace “Your Text” with words you want to add.

text maker

4. Now Click on Save and you are Done.

moving text generator

That's all in this article. I will catch you in next article, till then Goodbye.