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Free Download Kinemaster Mod APK No Watermark | Download Kinemaster Pro

Kinemaster Mod APK: Today, I am going to tell you about kinemaster mod apk without watermark. If you are a YouTuber and edit videos with kinemaster app that include a watermark, so I am giving you kinemaster app without watermark. Let’s Get Started.
Free Download Kinemaster Mod APK No Watermark | Download Kinemaster Pro
Free Download Kinemaster Mod APK No Watermark

What is Kinemaster Mod?

It was developed by NextStreaming Crop. Kinemaster application is a very popular and powerful tool for video editing on Android. Kinemaster pro app also has a free version that includes watermark. Also, few features are not available in the free kinemaster application. Kinemaster mod is a full-unlocked professional video editor for android users, supports multi-layers of video, images, and text with state of art trimming and cutting, have multi-track audio, volume envelope control, 3D transitions, and Chroma Key without any Watermark.

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Features of Kinemaster Mod

• No Watermark
• Chroma Key
• Support All Versions
• Video FX
• 4Audio FX
• Animation Key
• 13+ Overlay Animation
• Speed control for video clips
• Fade in sound
• Fade out sound
• A Variety of themes and animations
• Saturation and Brightness Control
• Frame-by-frame splicing and trimming
• 25+ Video Graphics
• Audio Cutting
• 16+ Title
• 15+ Filter

Free Download Kinemaster

Chroma key Feature

• Automatically optimize the unsupported videos
• Supports all the video formats
• Share on Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, Dropbox and more


Kinemaster requires access to your Android device’s camera and microphone when you record a video and sound directly in the application. Kinemaster also requires access to your mobile device’s storage to protect the project you are working on (Projects are saved in the internal memory of your mobile in a separate folder named “Export”, so that when you uninstall the app or clear the app data, you will not lose you all work).


Kinemaster is a subscription service as other apps also provide this service, but you can use in the trial mode. In trial mode, you can enjoy its amazing features but it will be free for personal non-commercial use, but your all videos will have “Made with Kinemaster” watermark as you are using the free version of this app. Kinemaster provides monthly and annual subscription for their users so you can purchase any of your choices. Moreover, you can get the premium version of this app which will include all amazing features including new effects, access to premium downloadable properties from app’s assest stores, visual effects, overlays, unlimited high-quality royalty-free music’s, your all videos will not have any watermark and more other features are available in the premium version of this app. However, if you don’t cancel the Play store app, a subscription is automatically renewed every month or year depends on which plan you selected.


Kinemaster and Mascar (Free for Use Any Watermark)

You can use any high-quality royalty free music tracks available in the asset store, and when you share your project or video on YouTube (for personal non-commercial use only), the watermark if this app will be removed from your video. More the information available in the Music section of Kinemaster Asset Store.

Supported OS and Devices

This app can be used on most devices running Android 4.1.2, Jelly Bean and above, but to enjoy the best editing experience on using SoC devices with powerful video decoding capabilities.
For more information, check this:

Supported Formats

Video Formats:

3GP (H.264 Baseline/High Profile + ACC LC/PCM)
MP4 (H.264 Baseline/High Profile + ACC LC/PCM)
MOV (H.264 Baseline/High Profile + ACC LC/PCM)

Audio Formats:


Image Formats:

GIF (still image only)

Export Video Formats:

MP4 with ACC LC + H.264 (the H.264 profile depends upon the devices)

What are the New Updates?

1. Extended Video Layer Support
2. Improvements in Speed Control (0.25x – 16x)
3. Adjustment of the pitch in Speed Control function
4. Improvements in Asset Store Audio Section UI
5. Improvements in Audio Browser UI
6. Bug Fixes and Feature Improvements

--- v4.9.14.12818.GP –

Features Update: They added support for high-efficiency video coding files (HEVC, H.265), also added import and edit HEVC files with ease.

SNS Channels Update: They added SNS channels to access the Kinemaster SNS channels from the Help and Support screen. Stay Updated with latest Kinemaster Updates.

Additional Information

  • App Name: Kinemaster Mod APK
  • Android Version: 4.1 or above
  • Category: Apps and Softwares
  • User Reviews: 4.3 out of 5
  • Latest Version: v4.9.14.12818.GP
  • Size: 52 MB
  • Downloads: 50,000,000+ 

Disable Background Data of Kinemaster Mod (Optional)

This App may not work on some devices because of device configuration and OS. If the app contains data access in the background then I recommend you restrict the background data or Turn Off the data of mobile while using the Mod App on all the Variants such as V3, V5, V6, V7 and V8 as well. Follow the steps below for this.

Follow the steps below for this.

  • Download the Mod APK V5 and install it.
  • Go to the settings on your mobile and under Apps or Manage Apps, find KM App.
  • Open the KM App then click on the “Data Usage”.
  • Now enable “Restrict Background Data” and it’s all done.

Kinemaster Diamond APK

You will enjoy following features un the Kinemaster Diamond APK.

  • Blue Theme
  • No Watermark
  • All Kinds of Layers are Supported
  • Unlocked Premium assets On Store
  • Chroma Key Feature Enabled
  • Increased in Video Resolution

                  Download Kinemaster Diamond APK

Download Kinemaster Mod V3

You can also download this Mod V3 APK for android but make sure Data should be turn off each time you use the App.

You can use NoRoot Firewall App to Restrict Data and get it on Google Play store.


Kinemaster Lite APK

This is a light version of KM App. The original App consumes battery and also a lot of device resources. If you are using kinemaster App on low-end Android mobile, then it will not run smoothly because of lesser RAM and Processing Speeds that will lead to bad experience of this App. This is also a Mod Version having all unlocked features named Kinemaster Lite.

The features include Multilayers. Chroma key enabled No watermark, 3D effects, Wipe effects, fade effects and more. The advantage of this App is that requires less RAM, spend minimum battery and it takes minimum Storage space.

                  Download Kinemaster Lite

Kinemaster V8 Mod APK

This is the version of kinemaster App which is the most advanced MOD version with all unlocked features. Mod 8 version has all features including multi-layer sound envelope clipart trim, cuts, chroma key and more. This is the latest version of KM App and you will not have to pay for this. This app also has removed watermark feature.

                   Download Kinemaster Mod V8

Trouble Shoot Problems on Kinemaster Mod APK

Following are some issues with their solutions that are common while using this App.

Error Exporting on Android

- Update the app to the latest version
- Never use screen recorders whiling exporting, video encoder of screen recorders can cause complication with the App.
- This app runs on hardware video encoder and using any other can lead to the process to fail.

Fix “Codec Init Failed Error”
This issue can occur due to its incorrect detection of device resolution, hardware compatibility and software performance. You can fix this by following steps below.
1.  Reboot the device you are using.
2.  Open the App.
3.   Tap on the Settings option.

4.   Now open Device Capability Information.

5.  Tap the menu indicated by 3 dots () in the upper-right corner.

6. Choose Hardware Performance Analysis to run the analysis (This may take up too few Minutes)
7.   Then reboot the device again.

App Couldn’t Detect the Media in Device Storage

If the app couldn’t detect the media, then first allow all the permissions to the App. The App will take some time to index the media. Wait until the media is indexed by the App. Reboot the device and look for the working of the App.

Fix some other Miscellaneous Errors

1. Allow all the permission to the App;

Settings à Apps à Kinemaster App. Here allows all the permission to the App.

2. If you have the previous version of the App then delete it and delete the storage folder file on your device as well.

3. Clear the Data and Cache of the App or even Delete the App.

4. Some features don’t work when the internet is enabling so Turn Off the Data while using the Mod App.

5. If the KM App doesn’t index the media then I recommend you clear the cache of the phone in recovery mode.

6. If the App is unable to index the media, then I suggest you clear the cache of the phone in recovery mode.

Reviews of Some Users about Kinemaster Mod APK

User 1: So far, I really like kinemaster. I like the set up it uses as opposed to some others. It does not seem to be quite as powerful as some others, but the learning curve is much smaller. I do wish you could add GIFs and cut into close-ups without a gradual crop being the only option. If you want something that does it all this is not it but smaller videos, fewer edits, and more home video type things it’s totally fine and usable.

User 2: So um, the app has been working good so far, but I am having a problem with adjusting the transition effects. When I try to make a transition go faster or slower, there is only one effect that lets me adjust its timing. Please fix this with all the transition effects. Also, these transitions keep lagging. Please fix that also.

How to Download Kinemaster Mod?

Following are the simple steps to install and download Kinemaster Pro.

1. Enable Unknown Sources on your android device
2. Download the file from the link available
3. Locate the file and install the Kinemaster pro App on your device
4. Open the App and Enjoy editing your videos

Enable Unknown Sources On your Device

1. Go to Settings on your Android device
2. Now Click on the option named Security
3. Here under Device Administration look for Unknown Sources
4. Turn ON the Unknown Sources