Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Green Kinemaster Pro APK Free Download 2019

Green Kinemaster Pro APK is the popular video editing application among the YouTubers. It is the professional video editing app for android users. It is very easy to use. It has many editing functions including video layer, FX effects, media library, text style, handwriting supports, and chroma key. Green Kinemaster Pro APK 2019 is a full-featured video editing app in which all images, multi-layer video, text and multi-audio track are supported.


Green Kinemaster Pro APK

Green Kinemaster Pro APK is the best version of kinemaster in 2019 which has more advanced features than other versions. By having such advanced features green kinemaster is distinguished from other versions.

Kinemaster developers have released several versions of Kinemaster according to the user’s satisfaction and by keeping the requirements of their users into consideration.
The developers of kinemaster updates the kinemaster time to time to make the video editing app in a most professional way. According to my research, 70% YouTubers use kinemaster for video editing on a mobile phone.

Green Kinemaster Pro Key Features

1. Multilayer option available such as Media library, FX effects, Overlay, Text, Styles, and Handwriting.
2. Includes many soundtracks for video background.
3. Color filter, Color adjustment, Clip graphics, and Vignette option.
4. Trimming/Splitting, Cutting and Slicing frame to frame.
5.  Cropping feature: Start position or End position.
6. Include Rotating and Mirroring position.
7. Quick preview option any time.
8. Speed control for video clips.
9. Fade in/Sound system did not get out.
10. Transition effects (3D transition, fade-in/out and pies).
11. Choose themes, animations, visual effects, and sound effects.
12. Share your edited videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google plus.


Supported Formats

1. Video Formats: Mp4 (264 baseline/ACC loc + high profile), 3GP (264 baseline/ACC loc + high profile) and MOV (264 baseline/ACC loc, only devices where MOV video format).

2. Audio Formats: MP3, MP4, and ACC audio.

3. Image Formats: PNG and JPG.

4. Real-time video and audio recording functions are supported.

App Specifications

  • App Name: Green Kinemaster Pro
  • App Size: 35.05 MB
  • Version: 14.02.3
  • Android Version: 4.0 and above
  • Current Downloads: 1000,000+
  • License type: Free


Reviews of Users

User 1: I love this app. Although when putting layers in it's SO hard to move them if there's another layer because when you try to move one layer it goes to the other layer(that's why I only gave this 4 stars.). I think you should have to click the items bottom thing ( sorry I'm stupid. Its that thing that allows you to change the time the thing stays for) so its easier to move a layer. I would love if you'd do that. Other than that, This is pretty good and you should get this.

User 2: Very good editing video program. The best for cutting, snipping, adding, and saving. I have tried many and by far this is the best. I used it in North Carolina and now we are in Italy. I use it often. One thing I do is to bring a photo into a sketch, crop it, and save and export it as a smaller jpeg on purpose.

User 3: Ok so this is now terrible. Firstly, extracting audio crashes the app. Secondly, it just doesn't work. I can't play videos, it keeps freezing. This app used to be good. Many people will agree with me too. Uninstalled and reinstalled. The same thing happened. I'm moving onto the cute cut.

I hope you liked my post on Green Kinemaster Pro APK and downloaded it successfully. If you have any problem then let me know via comments.