Saturday, May 11, 2019

How to Add Digital Clock Widget to Blogger Blog – Tech Usmani

Today, I am going to tell you how to Digital Clock Widget to Blogger blog by following simple steps. Let’s Get Started.


Clock Widget for Blogger Blog

First of all, I want to clear that adding clock widget to blog is not a SEO point of view. The purpose of adding this widget is these type of widgets looks attractive and catchy in blog. Many people love such widgets, but some don’t. You should use one or two catchy widgets in your blog but not more than that. If you add more than two widgets in your blog, it may affect page speed. If you wish to add such widgets, then use one or two widgets in your blog.

How to Add Digital Clock Widget to Blogger Blog

Follow the below steps to add this widget in your blog.

1. Type “Zeitverschiebung Blogger” on Google and click on first website in search results or you can also click here.

2. Select a size for clock and select a time zone or location.

3. Copy the HTML code.

4. Go to Bogger Dashboard > Layout and click Add a Gadget in Sidebar > HTML/JavaScript.

5. Now paste the copied code in HTML/JavaScript widget.

6. Save it and View your Blog.

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I hope you liked my post on How to Add a Digital Clock Widget to Blogger Blog. If you think this can help others, then share this with others. I will see you in next post till then have a good day.