Turbo VPN Premium APK

Turbo VPN Premium APK – Here is the premium version of the turbo VPN for you. This is the best and free proxy app for android users. It is the fastest proxy app and connects in one click. Let’s talk further about it.



Turbo VPN Premium APK

Turbo VPN is the best proxy application for mobile phone users. This is the application for those users who want to browse the sites by hiding their locations. Hiding the location is not possible so they use VPN’s to change their locations. There are two kinds of turbo app. One is the free version and second is paid version. The free version contains ads and users have limited countries to connect their servers while paid version is ad-free and users can connect their servers on any location country without having any issue.


Turbo VPN Premium is one of the best VPN applications that are also available for free. It is available without any limit by which you can unblock sites. It opens all those videos which are not available in your country. This app not only protects your privacy but also secures Wi-Fi hotspot. The Turbo VPN Premium APK is the high-speed VPN and it is easy to use. You can also download the free version from the Play Store.

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What Is A VPN?

VPN is a short form of virtual private networks. It extends a private network across a public network and allows users to send and receive data across shared or public networks if their operating devices were directly connected to the private network. Devices using a VPN can get the benefit of functionality. Security and management of the private network. If you want to read more about virtual private network, then click here.


Features Of Turbo VPN Premium APK

1. Unlimited free Premium VPN v2.8.8 (VIP)
2. 100% free and High VPN speed
3. Unlimited best-unlimited VPN clients for android
4. Allows you to unblock sites by connecting as a hare
5. Secure Wi-Fi hotspot and protect privacy



6. Fast – By high VPN speed, connect successfully as a hare
7. Easy – Connect VPN proxy server in one click
8. It has a lot of free cloud proxy servers to provide good VPN service to users
9. You can unblock sites with free proxy servers
10. It can also unblock videos that are not available in your country



11. Enjoy school Wi-Fi and computer through bypassing the firewalls as school VPN proxy
12. Easily protect your network traffic under Wi-Fi hotspot. Browse securely and anonymously without being tracked. Moreover, enjoy private browsing
13. It works smoothly with Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, and 4G
14. It encrypts data using OpenVPN protocols (TCP/UDP)
15. Turbo VPN Premium APK is available for lifetime




Premium Features

  • Ad-Free
  • Unlocked VIP servers
  • Analytics disabled


Additional Information

  • Category: Apps and Softwares
  • Installs:    50,000,000+
  • Price:        Free
  • Offered By: Innovative Connecting
  • Version:   v2.8.8
  • File Size:  9.2 MB
  • Requires: Android 4.1 and above


What’s New?
– Improvement in Privacy Protection and user experience
– Also, improvement of app performance
– Faster than Before
– Some bugs fixed

How To Install?
1. Uninstall free version (if installed)

2. Normally click the download button below

3. Wait until download completed then install the APK on your phone

4. Enjoy private browsing with security


Reviews Of Users
Here are some reviews of turbo VPN APK users so that you can find how this app will help you. These are the reviews of free and paid users so don’t worry until you try this app.


Reviewed By – Daniel He


Out of dozens of VPNs, across desktop and mobile, including web proxies and the tor browser, this is the second-best VPN experience I have ever had, and absolute best on mobile. Ads are from Google I believe, so they are generally clean. the connection is fast and low latency. Second only to the VPN gate project on desktop, but even that one is harder to use (though VPN gate can get faster connections). 10/10 would recommend. Literally the only VPN you need on mobile.


Reviewed By – Feeltheshadow


It says “link up to 5 devices” in the VIP version. I bought a new phone now and I can’t link my subscription even after signing in with this same account on the other device. I’m waiting for help & I’ll give 5 stars afterward. Edit: It worked; it just took a while to switch to VIP after I logged in with my email. Also, please make a version of this app for windows, so that this linking service becomes useful.


Reviewed By – Mohan Earanky


This is an outstanding VPN service particularly for the users in China. This is the only app, to my knowledge, which works with quick connectivity when VPN is blocked frequently in China. Free and paid VPN service works equally good except for the choice of servers. Too good. keep up the service.


Reviewed By – Darlie Doquez


this is the best VPN I have ever used so far for two years now. it shuts off unnoticed, but u can easily be connected again. I recommended it to my friends. and they are happy as well. we need this good VPN in such a blocked country like we are now because we wanted to be connected with our loved ones in our homeland. thanks to the developer.


Reviewed By – Simona Paraschiv


Only tried their free version and I am overall very satisfied with it. The speed is not one of the best things I’ve seen around but given the fact that it manages to work when most of the paid VPN providers don’t (living in China at the moment) is a BIG PLUS.


Download Turbo VPN Premium


Q. App is not working or stopped?
A. Refresh your Wi-Fi connection then open it.
Q. Does it contain ads?
A. As it is a premium version, so it is ads-free.
Q. Why the download link is not working?
A. I will fix it, just let me know in comments.


Final Words
In the last, I want to say that Turbo VPN premium APK is a best, interesting and amazing proxy for smartphones. This is available with a better user experience interface. If you liked my post, then share it with others and if you are facing any difficulty in downloading the app then ping me via comments.

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