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In this post, I am going to share the download link of Fap Ninja Premium APK that is available to play on android devices. If you are interested to download it then get it here.




Fap Ninja APK


It is an adult game for those who like to play this kind of game. Fan Ninja is a fast-paced hentai adult game that features the sexy Fap Ninja. She is followed by the legendry samurai and toymaker. If you played any hentai game then you know hentai game is incomplete without 8 legged sidekicks.


Fap Ninja Gameplay


As you know, in the mini-games you need to complete tasks by managing a specific period of time. For Instance, to save the half-naked girls from the ropes, helping octopus to make friends, keep condoms in different places, repair the broken vibrator or many other tasks. It is funnier than pranks. If you are unable to complete the task in the given time then you will show some funny images and the floor will break under one of your heroes. You will have three attempts to collect the game points. If you will play faster then you will get more bonuses.





1. Addition of 10 Levels

2. Original and unique hentai artwork

3. Japanese dubbing voice in the game

4. Works Smoothly

5. Better User Interface



Additional Information


App Fap  Ninja
Size 75 MB
Category Games
Version Latest
Requires Android 2.4 or above


Important: If your device has 1GB Ram then this is recommended for you. Otherwise, the game may crash and it irritates so I already told you about it.


Fap Ninja APK Download




How to Download?


Did you see the download button above? Yes, then click that button and wait few seconds. The app will be downloaded on your mobile. You just need to single tap the download button.






The following are the users who got this application from our website and they gave us their feedback. You can also send us your feedback on our Facebook page or via the contact page.



I love to play hentai adult games and I always search for this time of the game. I was also looking for Fap Ninja but most of the sites provided me the wrong application of the game but this site provided me the application of Fap Ninja that I was looking for, Thanks to the owner of this website.



This is the best game and the admin provided the right android application of the game. Most of the sites provide apps which contains virus but the APK’s of this site is virus-free. I checked the app file that’s why I am saying this. Very appreciated work brother.



Frequently Asked Questions


These are important questions that are necessary to be mentioned here.


Q. Is this App Virus Free?

A. Yes, it is free.


Q. Will it work on the Android 2.0 version?

A. No, it will not work on 2.0. You will need at least 2.4 version or above. Make sure your device has 1 GB Ram as well.


Q. What’s the size of the app?

A. The size is almost 75 MB.



Precious words


I hope you successfully got Fap Ninja Premium APK on your mobile device. Make sure to read the important tip that I mentioned above before downloading this application. If you want any game app you can message me on Facebook Page.


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