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Jikage Rising APK Mod Free Download on your Android phone. You can play this game on your mobile with all the premium features.




Jikage Rising


Never having attained more in Konoha, you instantly see yourself back to the past. You unlocked the ability of your clan and acquired the expertise to turn others into your followers. You will have to espy and convince Key Kunoichi that will be helpful in your quest to rescue your clan.



Jikage Rising Features


1. High-Quality Graphics

2. The scenes are uncensored

3. Status of girls as Primary Target and Secondary Target

4. Play with several characters




Additional Information


App Name Jikage Rising
APK Size 812 MB
Category Games
Censored No
Developer Smiling Dog
Version 0.13b



How to Install and Play?


1. To Install this APK, you must delete the original version of the game.

2. Once completed above step, you need to download the APK by hitting the download button below.

3. Now Install the Mod APK on your phone.

4. Run and Enjoy the game.



Jikage Rising v0.13b for Newer Devices


Jikage Rising v0.13b for Older Devices



What’s New in the Update?


  • New crave scene for Sakura & Tenten
  • Girls 2 content as a Bonus
  • Addition of Bonus Girl 3



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Reviews of Users


The reviews available below are provided by the users who downloaded the APK from our website.



I easily downloaded the APK but faced some issues while running the application. But it was solved by the help of the admin of this website. The game is very interesting that’s why I was searching for this game.



I played many games but this has won my heart. The story is neither excellent nor weird but it is playable for everyone. Interestingly, I play Jikage Rising twice a day.



Last Words


I hope you easily downloaded the Jikage Rising APK on your device. You can download the APK in a single click. If you think a link is broken then tell me on Instagram so I will fix the issue. Besides this, consider sharing it with your colleagues and friends on any social platforms.

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