APK Extractor Pro APK Download (Latest Version)

Today, I am going to share the download link of the APK Extractor Pro APK for Android phones. You can easily get the App Extractor app free from here.




About APK Extractor Pro APK


APK Extractor is a powerful tool that extracts APKs of Android apps that are installed on your Android device. Let’s take an example if you created an app and your app is not published on Play Store or AppStore then, you can extract the APK of your App and share it with your friends or anyone else you want to share your app with. You can also try other mobile apps such as the APK Editor app, etc.




How to use APK Extractor Pro APK?


Download the application by the above link then the open app, You will see all apps that are installed on your Android device. Click on an app whose APK you want to extract. APK of that app will be saved in the ‘Extracted APKs’ folder on your mobile device.





Additional Information


App Name APK Extractor
App Size 3 MB
Category Tools
Developer meher
Users 10,000,000+
Compatible with 4.4 or up



User Reviews


Some reviews of the APK Extractor app are as follows.


Roger Hand

I did a factory reset of my phone the other day and then discovered one of my favorite apps is no longer in the Play Store. This app made it a breeze to send the app from my tablet to my phone via Bluetooth. Drop dead simple and worked flawlessly.


Dwayne Stomp

Great tool. Keeps you from having to repeatedly download apps if you switch phones or have several phones to maintain updates. Apparently, Google has made some changes so that some APK files can’t be backed up with this anymore.


Satish Kumar

Best Utility for keeping a lean phone… Been using this for years. I keep local APK backups for hard-to-find and rarely-used apps so I can install an app when I need it, use it once, and then delete it again. I keep a library of APKs on my SD Card. Keeps my cell memory very happy. Saves data use too, by not having unused apps running in the background.