DU Recorder Mod APK [No Watermark]

Today, I am going to tell you about DU Recorder Mod APK latest version for Android users. I will also tell you about DU Recorder and its features as well. Let’s Get Started.



DU Recorder APK

DU Recorder APK is the best video recording app on Play Store. By using this App, you can record the mobile screen and make it a proper video. It is a popular, stable and high-quality screen recording application with smooth recording. This app doesn’t require root permission. The extraordinary features if this app makes it great for video editing as well.
DU Screen Recorder or Video Editor is categorized in Apps and Softwares on Play Store. It allows you to do a live stream on YouTube and its own video editors make its user happy. This saves your mobile storage because you can also create GIF by using this app and you don’t need to download a separate app for making GIF. This app is an all-rounder app because you can make videos and also edit your videos with the app. It also allows you to make intros, outros, and subtitles and it’s amazing.


DU Recorder Mod APK

This app is awesome for gamers, roasters, YouTubers to make videos by record your screen. This is highly recommended and suggestion from my side to use this if you are wanting to start a YouTube channel. You can record the screen with internal audio. Can trim video, crop image and all kinds of enhancements within the app. App interference is user-friendly. It is very simple and easy to use. This app is with custom configuration. You can make crafting tutorials more attractive with this app. YouTubers, gamers, and roasters who want to start a channel and they have confusion regarding screen recording app then DU Recorder APK is a great option for you guys. You will not have to pay DIME for anything. I have shared the download link below, just download the app and enjoy recording. This app doesn’t contain any watermark. The video quality is really amazing.


DU Recorder Pro APK Screen Recording

DU Recorder Mod APK provides good and smooth screen capturing the experience. You can capture any type of games either popular or non-popular, record video calls, record screen while using social media such as Facebook, Bigo and many more. DU Recorder APK provides better design interface with the following features.
1. Variety of resolutions, frame and bit rate also support HD video recording.
2. Pause and Resume while recording screen.
3. Active front camera.
4. Record external audio.
5. Hide the floating window or control major settings by the floating window.
6. Record frameless video.
7. Click operation is available while recording.
8. Save your video in internal storage or in SD card.
9. Draw with the brush during recording.
10. Make an awesome GIF from any video.
11. Allows you to live stream on YouTube and Facebook.
12. Shaking control like stop video.

DU Recorder Video Editor

DU Recorder APK has a number of video editing features that can help you to edit your videos and make them better. The following editing features are offered by this app.
1. Trimming and Remove any part of the video.
2. Merge videos to make a perfect video.
3. Convert Videos to GIFs.
4. Crop Videos.
5. Insert Photo in the video.
6. Video Rotation as per your need.
7. Make intros at the beginning of the video.
8. Add subtitles in videos.
9. Add audio in any video.
10. Adjust and Optimize the volume of the video.

DU Recorder Live Creator

DU Recorder APK has a live broadcast feature which helps you to stream your mobile screen along with your Face live on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Moreover, you can also stream your favorite games, films or TV shows with friends. The following live broadcast features are offered by DU Recorder.
1. Stream in High Quality.
2. Set Resolution while streaming.
3. Get real-time comments and feedback.
4. Stream live with your phone’s front camera.
5. Live tools such as donations and subscriptions provide better live streaming experience.

Images And Pictures Editing

DU Recorder is not only a video recorder but also it can capture screenshots and edit them. Capturing screenshots using this app is very simple and quick. You can take a screenshot which needs just a single tap. After taking the screenshot, you can edit this with the advanced editing tools. The following are available for screenshot editing.
1. Use floating icon or notification bar to capture shot in a single click.
2. Stitch image option can combine multiple photos in a single one.
3. Blur any part of the photo.
4. Crop photos.

Additional Information

  • Latest Version:
  • APK Size:                17 MB
  • App by:                    Screen Recorder and Video Editor
  • Category:                 Apps and Softwares
  • Installs:                    10,000,000+
  • Requirements:          Android 5.1 or above

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Reviews of Users
User 1: This App is pretty easy to use. I made a gauche video and it was good. You could record your face while playing the game, or you could just record the game and not your face. It helped a lot in my video. (You could check it out) Anyways, I think four stars is better. Because it doesn’t have something I want in the video. But, you should download this app. It is easy, fun and easy still.
User 2: It’s good, but I didn’t give 5 stars, cause most people to use it to record online gaming, and I was trying to record and put a video, in YouTube I was playing Pubg but the problem is, that I m not able to talk to others, in the game, hope u fix it, it’s good, but this teeny weeny problem has to be fixed, thanks and see you, good going a great job.
User 3: I can tour my subscribers to my phone! can do my gallery raid and many things I want to tell them about games and my phone!!! Download this loving app !!!! I can record videos on my own and edit it to send on my YouTube channel !!! Love this app, so useful and helpful.


I hope you liked my post on DU Recorder Mod APK and successfully downloaded the app. If you are facing any difficulty in downloading it or have any query, let me know via comments.

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