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Hello Fans and Friends, I am here with another video editor Kinemaster Lite which is suitable for those who create video contents and want to edit videos on smartphones. If you are Vlogger, YouTuber or video creator then read till the end because this post and an app is just for you.

This is a premium version of kinemaster that is available for free. I have shared other versions as well on this website. There are many types or versions of kinemaster editor, but I shared well-performing versions which include Green Kinemaster, Kinemaster Diamond, etc.


Kinemaster Lite APK


Kinemaster is a very famous editing app for not only Android but also iOS users. I have never seen an advertisement for this app because this application needs no promotion. It is already used by millions of people across the world. This editing app has achieved huge popularity in a short period of time just because of his unique feature. The Kinemaster comes with different names having amazing features and I mentioned their names above.


Basically, kinemaster lite is a subversion of Kinamster which is launched with more advanced features than other subversions. You will enjoy the HD+ the rending effect in it.
Kinemaster has 100 million downloads and they have active users around 40 million (according to the survey) who use it on a daily basis. This subversion is very fast and lite to use for Facebook, YouTube videos and other social media platforms. I also wrote on Kinemaster Gold, just check it out.


Popularity of Kinemaster


I will show the experiment of the popularity of Kinemaster. I will search on the Play Store with different keywords regarding editing app and we check Play Store suggest us Kinemaster or not. Let’s begin the experiment.


1. Best Video Editing App for Instagram


I search this keyword on App Store and they suggest me Kinemaster on 7th position. There are a lot of editing apps, but I found this in the top ten.




2. Best Video Editor with Effects


I search the second keyword and again I found this in top positions. As you noticed, I added the word ‘effects’ in my keyword so that it has advanced effects to edit videos in a professional manner.



Kinemaster Lite APK Features


Some major features of lite APK are following.


1. instant preview of your edited videos is available
2. Multi-video layers supported for quality videos
3. Unlimited 3D transitions
4. The stickers, text and images effects compatible with the video
5. Animated video editing
6. Real-time video editing and recording features
7. Fade out and fade in features
8. Supported multiple audio formats
9. Wipe effects, 3D effects, fade effects are included
10. Directly share your edited video clips on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
11. Significant Chroma Key
12. Watermark Free


Kinemaster Lite Mod APK V6


Kinemaster Lite Mod APK V6 is the subversion of kinemaster included in category V. All the versions of kinemaster don’t have a watermark and this subversion is also free from the watermark.


There are many versions available in V series including V5, V6, V7, etc. which are different from each other in the context of their feature, but some features are similar to each other.
We are sharing the APK setup of this version in our article and you can also get this from the official website of Kinemaster.


All you need to do is download the premium APK from the download link below or by the subscription plan of Kinemaster Lite to enjoy the pro features. If you want it for free, then the link is available below.


Tap the download button and wait until it’s completed. Once completed, Install it on your smartphone. Make sure to enable unknown sources by going to the application settings. As you know, you can not download any APK without enabling the unknown sources.

This is the download link of Mod V6 and download link of Kinemaster Lite APK  is available in the end.


                            DOWNLOAD KINEMASTER LITE V6


Additional Information


  • APK Name:    Kinemaster Lite
  • Category:       Apps and Softwares
  • Size:              20 MB




I have successful YouTuber and Vlogger friends and I asked them best subversion of Kinemaster. I told them to post a status on WhatsApp. You can see what they recommend.






KineMaster Lite Pro APK requires access to your phone’s camera and microphone when you record videos and sound directly in the app. KineMaster also requires access to your phone’s storage when you want to save the projects you are working on. All your projects are saved on a separate folder named Kinemaster or sometimes Export so that when uninstalling the kinemaster app you will not lose your projects.


Public Reviews


The purpose of sharing the reviews of users is that you can find out how this app will be better for you, whether you should use it or not. These are the experience of other users, but I think you should give it a try once.


Reviewed By Victoria Umang


This app is the best app for editing video than other apps for a video editor. I just downloaded too much video editor actually, and finally I in falling love with KineMaster. I m a new user and learner in the video course. KineMaster was very useful, easy to use and I really like the Audio Part editor especially. Recommended App for everyone. But I got one suggestion here, give a more modern effect.


Reviewed By – Jerm Jerm


This app is actually really good. to be able to edit videos on your phone. and give them a really good quality. and it offers premium assets to help with your videos for only 5 bucks a month. its simple interface makes this app easy to learn and understand how to utilize all the options available makes this my top video editor for phones. if you don’t have a laptop but want to still edit videos this app will do you justice.


Reviewed By Cute Corgi


I love this app because it’s very easy to use when editing a video or making one but I’m giving it a 3-star rating because ever since the new update came out, I cant layer up videos and I keep trying to run an analysis but it won’t change. Please help me fix this. Besides that, this the app is really great.


Reviewed By Moshi


I like it a lot, but the reason why I didn’t put 5 stars was because I really need a good app for transitions, everyone recommends this, but you need premium, and I’m not allowed to spend so much money. Please lower the price or make things not all premium. Thanks, and overall it is the best tool.




Final Words


In the end, I want to say that I also use Kinemaster Lite to do some changes in my videos. I hope I provided you all the necessary information in my post. If you liked it then why are you not sharing with your friends?


If you want more Android premium APK for free, then stay in touch on my blog Tech Usmani because I shared all premium apps here for free.

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