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If you are tired from the watermark in the Kinemaster App, getting bored with the old unresponsive backgrounds of this application. You want to use premium features without spending any bug? then definitely Kinemaster Prime is helpful for you.

Today, I am going to introduce a Kinemaster Prime APK with it’s features. Moreover, I will also tell you necessary information regarding this app. This app is very helpful for you and if you want to download it then keep reading till the end.




Kinemaster Prime APK


Kinemaster Prime is an efficient video editor for beginners and advanced users. This will give you benefits and is customized by the Kinemaster Mod Apk. As you kinemaster have almost 6-7 subversions with no watermark. These are also absolutely free and you can also download these pro apps by tapping on below related article links.


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Advantages of Kinemaster Prime Pro APK


When we talk about advantages then absolutely it can give some advantage to you that’s why I want to tell you briefly about its advantages.

There are lots of benefits to using Kinemaster prime but some are really amazing and helpful for you friends. The best thing which I liked most is that it can run on low specs android phones.

  • I tested it on 256 MB ram mobile and it was running pretty fine.
  • It would be a great user experience if I was using a mobile with more than 256 MB ram but it was fine, not excellent.
  • While editing on the KM application, everything was working fine but speed was slower due to low ram rendering speed.
  • This will very useful for you because it was just an experiment but I am sure in recent times no ones has a smartphone of 256 MB ram.
  • As you are bored with old backgrounds of the app so this app will give you updated themes. If you wanna try this app so download link is given below.
  • It is completely free to use which gives you more advanced features without buying any premium plan or other.
  • It allows you to get free access to the official store of Kinemaster.
  • This prime apk allows you to add hundreds of images and layers at a single screen.

These are some advantages for you provided by Kinemaster Prime. Let’s talk further about its features.



Features of Kinemaster Prime


Here I am sharing with you some features of this KM prime. This subversion is different from the older or other versions.

  1. You will get unlimited video effects, stickers, overlays, stickers, png images, and handwritten contents.
  2. I am sure you heard about Kinemaster Asset Stores where you get copyright-free images and background music for your videos whenever you need it.
  3. Adjust Brightness, select Hue as you want and control saturation.
  4. Includes audio filters with a voice changer.
  5. Several animation styles to check your work (edited videos).
  6. Control speed for video clips.
  7. Volume envelope scape
  8. A new way of transition-effects (3D transitions, fades, wipes and more).
  9. On the spot real-time video and audio recording.
  10. Directly share your created videos on Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and more.



Screenshots of App








Supported Formats


Available video formats are:

  • MOV (H.265 Ultra Profile/ Baseline/AAC-LC/ PCM)
  • 3GP (H.265 Ultra Profile/ Baseline/AAC-LC/ PCM)
  • MP4 (H.265 Ultra Profile/ Baseline/AAC-LC/ PCM)

On the other hand, Audio Formats are:

  • WAV
  • AAC
  • M4A
  • MP3

In addition, supportive image formats are:

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • WebP
  • GIF
  • BMP

Moreover, when you export videos they have other formats.

  • MP4 with AAC-LC + H.274 (high profile depends on the device specifications)



Additional Information


   App Name: Kinemaster Prime
      APK Size:        25 MB  



Public Reviews


Here are the few reviews of Kinemaster Prime users. Every user has a different experience thus, you should try it. By the way, I use this app and it is recommended by me to all of you.


Reviewed By Unbiased Observer

I have made hundreds of videos. I only use kinemaster because of its easy to use user interface and features are fantastic for a free app that is also part of why I don’t upgrade so people can see who is helpful to creators looking to start producing videos of high-quality Much Love Kinemaster Crew Thanks for making a great app.

Reviewed By – LucyLED

ok, so I love the app a lot! There are some things about it though… well.. one thing. I tried uploading a video I recorded for 49 minutes and edited it to be 4 or 5. But in the middle of where I was trying to upload it and save it, it kept saying there was an error while exporting it. I got really frustrated because I was proud of the video.

Reviewed By Rossy Tin

I love this app, I can edit my videos for free, nice features, like adding on sounds and audio to my video, I can cut the clip and many more for video editing this is superb, try this app now guys.


Reviewed By Skull Ache

I have used Kinemaster for a while, and been pretty happy with it! but while trying to add a video over my project recently I couldn’t. If there could be a soon update to fix this I would appreciate it. But for now, it isn’t doing what I need it and I would rather not piece together a walking cycle by twining.


Download Link Here




Kinemaster Prime Video Looks


Last Words


In the end, I just want to say that if you are here to read about Kinemaster Prime then you should try this app. This app will help you so much. I hope I provided you all the necessary information regarding KM Prime. If you liked it then forgot to share it with others.


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