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Do you want to download A Town Uncovered APK  for Android devices? This is not only the latest version but also a Mod APK in which you will get all premium features.




A Town Uncovered Wiki


This game is also created for 18 years or old gamers. A Town Uncovered is a story-based game in which you are a man who lives in a town. It is similar to Summertime Saga but actually, it is not.




As a guy, you moved into the town following your father, sister, and mother. Your main objective is to make friends in the town and enjoy your life. You can have a romance with any character because you are in a romance-acceptable town. You can build relationships with anyone but be careful to maintain it. Besides this, you will face different situations when you interact with the characters.


A Town Uncovered Cheats

  • earthonlife
  • walking sim



a-town-uncovered-apk a-town-uncovered-gameplay



Mod APK Features


1. Ported to Android.

2. Advertisement free.

3. Added CG Art to 15 story scenes & Hitomi Beach frisbee scene.

4. Disabled some objectives as they don’t have an actual story side.

5. Fixed Jacob’s Dad and stepmom meeting too early.

6. Fixed some bugs.



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Download A Town Uncovered APK


The Mod APK download link of this game is available below. This is ported to Android so everyone can enjoy this game. To download A Town uncovered APK, tap the download button below and Install it on your mobile phone.





Application Information


App Name A Town Uncovered
APK Size 295 MB
Category Games
Developer Patreon
Android Required 4.2 or above
Root Needed No



Frequently Asked Questions


Some queries related to A Town Uncovered are listed below.


Q. Is it an outdated version?

A. It is the latest version but whenever a new version is released, I will update it.

Q. Why PC version size is bigger than the APK Size? Is it really updated?

A. Yes, it is an updated version.

Q. Does it run on all mobile devices?

A. No, it will only run on Android 4.2 or above version.





These are reviews of users who played this game and shared their experiences.



Someone recommended this game to me because I was facing bad experiences in those days. This game gave me freshness and I started to forget all my problems.



When I opened the game, I thought it was similar to Summertime Saga but actually, the story differs from that. It’s really amazing story-based game. Everyone should play this game at least once.



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