Baahubali The Game Mod APK (Official) Download for Android

Baahubali The Game Mod APK (Official) download free for Android phones. This is the latest and premium version of the Baahubali mobile game. I will also share a brief introduction and some premium features of the Bahubali mod game to let you know about this version.




Baahubali: The Official Game


Baahubali is a simulation fighting game for Android users that is offered by Moonfrog. It has more than ten million players from around the globe. Most of them completed all the levels and looking for a new addition and various are enjoying the game.

Mahishmati requires your help, Senapati. Research and Instruct your soldiers, and join forces with Baahubali, Kattappa, and other powerful heroes from the movie to beat back the ruthless Kalakeya. Play the game with your friends, build clans and fight against the enemies for the glory of Mahishmati. 


Features of Baahubali The Game Mod APK


1. Build an unconquerable castle to help Mahismati become a mighty kingdom.

2. Construct archer towers and spear towers to defend your kingdom.

3. Kill your enemy’s troops with superior weapons like an arrow machine.

4. Train your troops with the help of barracks and the armory.

5. Around 10 unique soldiers from the movie are available for the fight.

6. Bust the enemy castle using powerful war elephants and long-range catapults.

7. Win clashes with the help of special spells and rallies.

8. Struggle solo missions with the Cruel Kalakyes.

9. Unlock strong Heroes using marvelous powers.

10. Make clans with your friends and fight against other clans for the fame of Mahishmati.

11. Fight with other players to become the strong Senapati in Mahishmati.

12. Priests cure your soldiers with the blessings of the Gods of Mahishmati.


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App Information


App Name Baahubali The Game
App Size 100 MB
Category Games Mod APK
Developer Moonfrog
Price Free
Installs 10,000,000+
Requires Android 4.0 or above



Download Baahubali The Game Mod APK


Follow the steps below in order to download the Baahubali The Game Mod APK.

  1. Remove the free version (if installed).
  2. Tap any of the download links below.
  3. Wait a few seconds then Install the game.
  4. Open it and enjoy the premium features.





User Reviews


Following are some user reviews of the Baahubali The Game Mod APK.


Robert Smith

I played it and completed all the levels. I suggest all the game lovers play this game now. As I am a big Fan of Baahubali this game needs to fix a few glitches and I know it will be fixed in the new update.


Maria Martinez

It is a very good game, but it requires a few additions. it needs to upgrade the troops and there should be 1000 troops getting ready for war. I hope you will upgrade it then the game will be more fun.


James Johnson

Good game. The concept is even better. The only thing is the developer is not upgrading the game. I am waiting for the new addition to the game so we can continuously enjoy it.