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In this post, I want to help you by sharing Slow DNS Premium APK free download that means you will enjoy the pro features of this app without spending any bug.





About Slow DNS APK


This app provides free internet access when you tunnel data over a DNS server, connecting your mobile device with Slow DNS Premium APK server farm. For More Information Read Here:

It can run with any private network such as hotspots, captive portals, and web censoring firewalls.

If you used any other IP over DNS app, you noticed that on those apps yourself, but Slow DNS has already done it for you.

The major advantage of this app is that it works almost everywhere but still most people do not use it because of its low bandwidth performances. To solve this effect, they included directly in the application:


  1. an optimized basic text-only Mil User Agent handling mails from Hotmail, Gmail, YahooMail and OperaMail & YandexMail. In most of the cases, the latest 20 mails are downloaded in less 30 seconds.
  2. a basic text-mode Web Browser: almost the web pages are downloaded in less than a minute.


Before establishing this app, make sure to check that either the network you are connected to is allowing to use this feature or not. Moreover, you may also use Slow DNS to check that your network is protected against DNS tunneling or not.


slow-dns-apk (1)


What’s New in the App?


– Addition of support for high dpi screen resolutions

– Bug fix for Android Marshmallow users




App Information


Version  9.0.0
Installs 100K+
APK Size 10 MB
Offered By Alexandre Fenyo
Last Updated on March 13, 2016


App Permissions


You don’t need to worry about it because this app does not require except the following.


  1. Full access of network
  2. Google Play License Check



What People say about it?


James Nikola: This is awesome, but I am unable to connect Facebook and Google. I will be thankful for you if you guide me how to connect it.


Liam Yum: Fantastic! Works fast and I can use proxy droid with Slow DNS to use other apps. Thanks for creating this application.


Vince Perez: Works when I have no data. The bypass is great. Keep updating it with more features and increase the bandwidth.


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What should you have to use free internet with Slow DNS?


If you are using it on android app, you will need to have a sim card and Slow DNS app.

If you are using it on a computer or laptop then you will need a modem, a sim card, and a Slow DNS app.



Last Words


This post is all about DNS Slow Premium APK free download. If you liked, then don’t forget to share it. If you are going to use free internet so why you don’t tell about this app with your friends?

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